Omni Charge®

Do you want a lift plus more out of your dietary supplement? Available in orange or grape, this flavored dietary supplement contains many nutritional ingredients, including taurine and phenylalanine, to enhance memory, concentration and to help add energy to your day. 

Omni Charge® also contains garcinia cambogia, which can be very satisfying to the appetite, especially while participating in a weight management program. 

Omni Charge®  is also a great pre-workout drink mix.  Omni Charge®  is truly the missing ingredient in your workouts! 

Just take one serving and 15 minutes later you'll feel a surge of strength, energy and focus like nothing you've felt before! It provides you with precise amounts of key, active ingredients to give you that extra energy. 

Feel the power with just one serving!

16.9 oz Bottles / Also available in 60 convenient individual serving-sized packets or 90 capsules bottle. 



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