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Founded in 1989, Omnitrition® International is a multi-level marketing health and nutrition company with more than $350 million in total sales. 

Omnitrition® owners, Roger and Barbara Daley, believe that the company's success can be attributed to its unique and innovative product formulations, an outstanding home-based business opportunity, and the honesty and integrity on which the company stands.

Developed over 24 years ago, Omnitrition® International's Product Line was formulated to provide the finest quality nutritional products for American families. Omnitrition® International's products are by far the finest nutritional supplements on the market today and is celebrating 24 years of documented success in weight management, energy, sleep aid and complete liquid nutritional support.

Made with only the highest quality ingredients and supported by the latest, innovative scientific research, Omnitrition® International is setting the Nutrition and Dietary Supplement Industry Standard. With so many different products and manufacturers on the market today, why should you choose Omnitrition® International's Products over the competition's?

It's simple! Omnitrition® International uses only "Pharmaceutical Grade" ingredients to formulate their products. They employ the highest level of Quality Control and Assurance to ensure that what is stated on the label, can be found in the final product. No more! No less! Guaranteed!!

Plus, we guarantee every Omnitrition® International product purchased from us for a full 30-Days! 

Distributed soley by Independent Marketing Associates, Omnitrition® International has been providing an alternate means for financial security to hundreds of distributors for over 24 years now. Along with providing exceptional nutritional supplements, Omnitrition® has afforded tens of thousands of Independent Distributors the opportunity to build their own businesses while working from home.

The Omnitrition® Sales and Marketing Plan is one of the most successful marketing concepts in existence today. The corporate ladder and glass ceiling have been eliminated - you now can establish your own home-based business, around your family, on your own terms, based solely on your own effort.

Omnitrition® Distributors may earn income from retail sales, wholesale profits, royalty overrides and bonuses. Each Independent Distributor begins in the same position with an equal opportunity for success and advancement. Company sales are based on person-to-person marketing with direct home delivery. 

With no large investment required, an Omnitrition® business is easy and inexpensive to start. Whether full-time or part-time, Omnitrition® Distributors have no quotas to maintain and aren't pressured into registering new members.

The Omnitrition® Home Office is staffed with friendly, competent employees to help as you begin your Omnitrition® business. With sales support materials, product information, local and national training, and free national conference calls, Omnitrition® provides tools to help you succeed as an Omnitrition® Independent Distributor!

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